Become an Agent or a Vendor with us and help people to apply for a cheap to run bank account.

Agents build teams of vendors and support them with training, branding, and supply of starter packs. 2ndCell provides successful agents with the support of new vehicles, helping them grow their distribution and in so doing creating established businesses.

Agents get to keep their distribution vehicles after a few years. We continue to support our top teams and help them to grow.

Before you can buy the 2ndCell business opportunity pack you will need to:

  1. Register for it, and
  2. Pass some online training.

Click the register button to proceed.

Enter all your personal details on the first page and then do all the training courses and pass the test to carry on.

You will get an Android phone with an App that you will use to send in a lead to the bank for the client.

  • Also, a branded Bib
  • Bank and 2ndCell branded golf shirts
  • 100 gold bank cards to start with
  • Other marketing support such as Gazebos, Kiosks, Umbrellas, and Cars are earned by getting good numbers of accounts that reach T2 status (more details on this further down the page).

All the client will need is an SA ID document and recent proof of Address.

Only South African Citizens over the age of 16 may apply for an FNB Easy account.

You will earn an R20.00 service fee for each successful application you send in.

  • The service fee:
    • Pays for your data
    • Client convenience
    • Client doesn’t have to travel to the branch
    • Client doesn’t have to queue for the branch
    • Takes a few minutes only
    • Can be done at the client’s home or place of work
  • Each month on the 15th you will also earn commission for
    • T1 any account that is activated with a R50.00 deposit within 30 days of the account being opened
    • T2 any account that has a salary paid into it; or
    • T2 any account that has deposits totalling R 1,000.00
    • T3 any client that registers for an uses Cell Phone banking; or
    • T3 any client that registers for an uses eWallet
    • T4 is a bonus paid after 3 T2 over 4 months.

Please be aware that all commissions are paid out on the 15th of every month for the triggers achieved in the months prior and also note that all payments are made via SmartLoad.

Click on SmartLoad for more details.